Monday, September 24, 2012

Short post...

I'm going to attempt to update this blog at least on a weekly basis. Tuesdays will likely be the day. So since today is not tuesday, this will only be a short entry.

I've held off on the idea of allowing mobile users to switch back to FLANIS based satellite loops. Yes, for those who have devices that aren't properly loading the overlays, JSAni is not very pleasant to deal with. But neither is making the necessary changes to the pages to allow a user-friendly re-route to the FLANIS pages and back again. This would only be a temporary fix anyways. Instead I've been in contact with Bill Bellon about the issue, and while he is busy, the issue is on his to-do list. Until either a more definitive dead-end or conclusive fix is reached, I will leave the pages as is. I apologize for the inconvenience, however there is too much else at the moment that needs attention. I never like leaving a product semi-broken. But we have limited time and a lot that needs to be worked on.

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